Hobbiton and Waitomo

On Saturday 3 December, a group consisting of 4 people from South Korea, 2 from Thailand, 4 of my extended family and myself went to Waitomo and Hobbiton. We met at Auckland Institute of Studies at 7am and drove 2 hours 30 minutes to Waitomo, stopping for a short break at Pirongia on the way. Continue reading Hobbiton and Waitomo

Hobbiton, Kiwi House and Waitomo Caves

On Saturday 30 July, a group consisting of 5 from Saudi Arabia, 4 from South Korea, 1 from Colombia and myself went to Hobbiton, Kiwi House and Native Bird Park at Otorohanga, and Waitomo. Continue reading Hobbiton, Kiwi House and Waitomo Caves