Bethells Beach

On Thursday 4 February 2016, a group of AIS students (3 from Thailand, 1 from France, 1 from Colombia, 3 from Japan, 1 from Korea, 2 from China and 1 from Taiwan) and I left AIS at 2.30pm and went to Bethells Beach in west Auckland. It is also known by its Maori name Te Henga. Continue reading Bethells Beach

Muriwai Beach Surfing Lessons

On Saturday 12 December 2015, a group of 6 (2 from Korea, 2 from China and 2 from Thailand) left Auckland Institute of Studies at 9.30am and went to Muriwai Beach where we had surfing lessons from Muriwai Surf School. The day was warm, about 23 degrees, but there was a strong wind and the day was very cloudy. Continue reading Muriwai Beach Surfing Lessons

Piha and Karekare

On Saturday 7 November 2015 a group of 10 students from Auckland Institute of Studies (8 from South Korea and 2 from Japan), and myself went to Piha and Karekare on Auckland’s west coast. It was a warm sunny spring day. Continue reading Piha and Karekare