This was a fun day with Skydive Auckland. Skydive Auckland is based at Parakai, so there are marvellous vistas while skydiving. There are Muriwai Beach, Woodhill Forest and Kaipara Harbour on Auckland’s west coast, as well as the river which snakes through Helensville, expansive farm land, and the landmarks of Auckland city in the distance. Continue reading Skydiving

Horse Riding at Muriwai Beach and Woodhill Forest

On Friday 29 April 2016, a group of 6 (2 from China and 3 from South Korea and myself) left Auckland Institute of Studies at 2.20pm and went to meet Muriwai Beach Horse Treks at Muriwai Beach. It was a cloudy afternoon and the temperature was about 22 degrees. At the beach, there was a steady sea breeze, but it wasn’t at all cold for horse riding. Continue reading Horse Riding at Muriwai Beach and Woodhill Forest

Muriwai Beach Surfing Lessons

On Saturday 23 April 2016, I collected 2 people from their residence in the city and then picked up the remainder of our group at Auckland Institute of Studies, making a group of 7 (5 from South Korea, 1 from Saudi Arabia and myself). We left at 9.15am and went to Muriwai Beach where we had surfing lessons from Muriwai Surf School. Continue reading Muriwai Beach Surfing Lessons